BSPN - Spring Meeting

description: Pediatric Neurology in the Intensive Care Unit

Meeting language will be English

Participation fee, all included:
- BSPN member 0€,
- resident and students: 25€,
- non-BSPN member 50€,
- on site registration: 75€.

Payment by bank transfer to the account number IBAN: BE38 2100 0475 5072, BIC: GEBABEBB, using the account name “BSPN/BVKN spring meeting”, and mentioning “registration” and your name before 19 april 2019.
Registration on the website is mandatory.

date: 26 April 2019
address: Centre de Presse international-Salle Polak
city: 1040, Bruxelles
country: BELGIUM
organization: self
programme: MEETING 2019.pdf