Spring meeting : Neuro-ophthalmology

description: Dear collegues,

We warmly invite you to the Heilig Hartziekenhuis in Lier for the next Spring Meeting of the Belgian Society of Child Neurology on the topic of Neuro-ophthalmology on Friday 21th of April 2023.

Young collegues are invited to send short free Communications preferably related to the topic.
Abstracts should be sent by email to: or BEFORE April 10th 2023. Clearly indicate title, authors, address, and e-mail address. The abstract should be typed in Word and not exceed 2000 characters.
date: 21 April 2023
address: Heilig Hartziekenhuis Lier, Mechelsestraat 24
city: 2500, Lier
country: BELGIUM
organization: self