Welcome to the website of the Belgian Society of Pediatric Neurology (BSPN), a society for physicians with a research or clinical interest in Pediatric Neurology.

We invite you to explore our website where you will find a panel of information in the field of Pediatric Neurology in Belgium.

In the "Calendar" section, you will find the link to the upcoming scientific meetings in Pediatric Neurology. Moreover, it enables you to register for the next spring meeting or autumn meeting of the BSPN.

The "Research" section gives you practical information about ongoing trials and other scientific projects in Belgium.

The "Read it" section includes Abstracts of the presentations at our BSPN meetings. In this section of the site we will also provide Scientific News and we will keep you updated with Government Regulations.

In the "Vacancies" section you will find job opportunities in the field of Pediatric Neurology in Belgium.

Finally, the "Links" section includes links to selected Pediatric Neurology websites and in particular to the CEBAM website where members of the BSPN have free access to 15 major medical journals.

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