March 2020

48th SENP Meeting

26 March 2020

October 2019

BSPN - Autumn meeting

18 October 2019

Immune-Mediated Diseases in the Nervous System

Genetic Epileptic Encephalopathies in Infancy and Childhood

04 October 2019

Biocodex is organizing a Medical Education Day in collaboration with Professor Lieven Lagae in UZ Leuven.

September 2019

13th EPNS Congress 2019

17 September 2019

April 2019

BSPN - Spring Meeting

26 April 2019

Pediatric Neurology in the Intensive Care Unit

Meeting language will be English

Participation fee, all included:
- BSPN member 0€,
- resident and students: 25€,
- non-BSPN member 50€,
- on site registration: ....

November 2018

BSPN - Autumn meeting

09 November 2018

“New Treatments and Ethical Considerations”
New treatments are becoming more and more available for neurometabolic, neuromuscular as well as epileptic disorders in children. However the cost of these treatments raises social questions and....

September 2018

Valediction of Linda De Meirleir: Meeting with Friends and Looking at the Future

28 September 2018

Program of metabolic diseases and pediartic neurology

February 2018

BSPN - Spring Meeting

23 February 2018

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the spring meeting of the Belgian Society of Pediatric Neurology which will take place in the Château de Colonster in Liège, February 23th 2018. The ICNA Board will take place in Liège at that time and some m....

September 2017

Belgian Society of Pediatric Neurology
Autumn Meeting

22 September 2017

"Neurocutaneous Disorders"
"RNA and DNA in Pediatric Neurology"

Bus transport to Bruges City Center

April 2017

Belgian Society of Pediatric Neurology
Spring Meeting

21 April 2017

Cerebellar disorders and Neurogenetics

download the abstracts here

October 2016

BSPN Autumn Meeting

14 October 2016

The theme of the conference will focus on epilepsy treatment and recent evolutions in the management of brain tumors. We are happy to announce that we have recent confirmation of high-level international speakers.
We encourage you to submit a sc....